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Have questions? Check our FAQ! We’ve answered many common questions about wedding photography that can help you make a more informed decision. If you have a question that isn’t covered here (or just want to start a discussion), please feel free to contact me directly!

While we try our very best to get our clients proofs to them as soon as possible after their wedding, it usually takes 2 weeks. During high season (July and August) it may take up to three weeks.

You will receive anywhere from 400-700 edited non-watermarked images, dependent on the package you have chosen for the day. The silver (6 hour) package will generally give you approximately 400 images, whereas the Elite will give you closer to 700. 

Gone are the days where a photographer will print our a set of proofs for you to view. Once your photos have been sorted you will be sent a username and password that you will use to access the client section of this website. You will then be able to view the entire set privately online.

You may certainly give this username and password to others, but like any other username and password once it is shared it can be shared again. If want full control over your images, it is always best to keep your passwords secure.

The process of choosing photos for editing can be arduous. It takes time and careful consideration. This process should not be rushed, but keep in mind that the sooner you provide those to us, the sooner your final copies and prints will be to you. Also, we would like to ensure that our contracts are wrapped up within the year, so please make sure to remember to make your selections before your first anniversary. :)

Absolutely!  However, we do require that travel costs are covered by the client and, if necessary, lodging. Contact us for more details. 

We have many weddings over the course of a season. While the final details of the wedding are discussed during the pre-wedding consultation, we like to have a general idea of the day from the questionnaire at least a month before. 

A pre-wedding consultation can occur anywhere from several months before the wedding to several days (or both). Suggestions for your wedding day itinerary are normally discussed during this meeting to ensure enough time is allotted (at the right time of day) for formal wedding images to be taken. The earlier this process takes place, the more equipped you are to make decisions regarding ceremony and reception times. We can also meet again closer to the date to finalize all those important details.

While no two weddings are alike, no two wedding albums will be alike. It is our goal to make sure they are unique to you. We will be sure to capture details, important moments and of course your formal images.

Where your photos will be taken will usually be agreed upon by you and Lisa McVeigh Photography. We understand how lighting works at different times of the day, dependent on weather and the time of year, and can inform you of ideal locations and/or settings that will provide the best images. We like to ensure that places that are special to you are captured and will do our best to accommodate for those. It is always best to allow us to visit your intended locations before your wedding day so we can use our professional judgement on whether these places will be suitable for photos. 

By all means send along images that you like for us to see. However, because there are so many things that have to be considered when taking a photo (weather, lighting, hairstyles, terrain, timing etc.) we cannot guarantee that we will be able to capture that exact image. 

You can choose to pay the balance the day of your wedding, when your proofs are delivered or anytime in between.

Absolutely! However, we cannot guarantee the quality of the images that are printed by anyone else other than Lisa McVeigh Photography. Quality and color ranges dramatically from one printer to another.

By all means, go ahead and post your favorite photos. We do ask, though, that you credit Lisa McVeigh Photography when posting. We love to see our work showcased by our clients. 

Most wedding days require a lot of energy as it is fast paced and we are always “on duty”. While we will never get a chance to really sit down and eat, we always welcome a plate put aside for us when we do get a chance to grab a few bites in between photos.

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